Division Opportunities

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Division Opportunities

Post by W. Carson on Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:35 am


The Administration Division is the Executive Branch of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office which oversees the entire operation of the Sheriff's Office. The employees assigned to the Administrative Division provide support to all additional division and units under the Sheriff's Office. The Administrative Division keeps all records and reports which are generated by the Sheriff's Office. They also prepare all court process, subpoenas, summons, warrants, and writs, which require service by the Sheriff's Office. In addition, all personnel records and the operation of the Office is controlled here. Because of the work preformed in the Administrative Division, the Sheriff himself oversees and supervises this division.

Patrol Operations

Patrol Operations is the front line in the battle against crime in San Andreas County. Patrol Operations is where deputies begin their career. Typically the new deputies will have to go through a San Andreas Police certified Academy for a 3 to 6 week, period of time with intensive training. The deputies are the first respondents to emergency and non emergency dispatched calls for service and incidents they observe while on patrol. Patrol Deputies are assigned to a specific region or area each shift by the acting supervisor. Shifts may vary drastically depending on the day and available deputies for coverage.


All correctional personnel are full-time and part-time appointed Deputy Sheriffs that work under the Sheriff. These deputies are commonly at the beginning of their law enforcement careers. Any person above the age of 18 and that has graduated High-School may become a deputy sheriff in the correctional institute. It is the legal obligation of the San Andreas County Sheriff to provide a safe, sanitary, and secure place of detention for all persons committed to his jurisdiction for detention or correction. Both sentenced and non-sentenced county, state, and federal male and female inmates are housed at the county jail.


The Investigations Division is a spot held commonly by a commissioned Deputy Sheriff at the rank of Detective. Achieving the rank of Detective comes with experience and seniority within the agency. Detectives conduct follow-up felony investigations that are initiated by the Patrol Division. They assist in primary investigations when requested, and clear crimes through arrest and recovery of stolen property, execute search warrants and apprehends fugitives. Detectives act as liaisons with representatives from federal, state and other municipal agencies, and exchanges information concerning known criminal and criminal activity. They also coordinate information with prosecuting agencies during investigations for upcoming court cases.

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