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Rank Structure

Post by W. Carson on Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:23 am

The sheriff is usually a county’s highest, usually elected, law-enforcement officer. Sheriffs are elected to serve four-year terms. two-year terms in three states, a three-year term in one state, and a six-year term in one state. The Sheriff oversees all operations of the department, specifically the Administrative division.

The under-sheriff is the highest-ranking appointment law-enforcement officer. They report directly to the sheriff and oversees the department’s overall operations. They may also directly supervise personnel.

As a captain in the sheriff’s department, you are in charge of a division, such as the patrol division, corrections, or criminal investigations division. You oversee the personnel in your department and are responsible for hiring and evaluating them.

The rank of lieutenant is the first senior officer promotion available to you. The promotion comes with increased responsibilities. You’ll supervise personnel with lesser ranks, such as sergeants and deputies. You may be responsible for a specific group of deputies.

The first major promotion available to you in the sheriff’s department is the rank of Sergeant. As a sergeant, you can supervise corporals and deputies. You may also play a role in their training. To earn this rank, you have to show good leadership ability and prove that you have strong communication skills.

The rank of Corporal is the first promotion available to you after joining the sheriff’s department as a deputy. This rank shows your experience. As a corporal, you’ll have some authority over the deputies and officers in the department, though this authority often does not include a supervisory role.

Deputy Sheriff
Many people begin their careers with the sheriff’s department as the rank of deputy. You earn this rank after completing initial training. You’ll likely be assigned general duties, such as patrolling streets and highways.

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